Coffee, Sandwichs, Bowls & more

The perfect start to the day

Welcome to Miss Green Bean, your go-to spot for exceptional organic coffee and so much more!
We don’t just serve your daily caffeine fix; we make your day extraordinary with an assortment of
delectable snacks. From nutritious bowls and mouth-watering bagels to a variety of other treats
guaranteed to elevate your day, like our homemade cakes. Don’t settle for an ordinary day; make it
remarkable with Miss Green Bean. Come in and experience the perfect start to your day! Follow us
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What We Believe In


We love coffee, we love diversity. Therefore, we proudly serve various espresso blends from local roasters, offer a range of brewing
methods, including French Press and Kalita, and gladly meet your unique requests. But our mission goes beyond just making great coffee. As our name Miss GREEN Bean suggests, we’re committed to offering high-quality beans for sale. Because we believe that where our beans come from matters just as much as where they’re going.

The Bowl Philosophy

Healthy Bowls, Happy Life

When we say “Bowl,” we’re not just talking about the vessel your food is served in. We’re talking about a movement towards healthier eating. Our bowls are crafted from pure, natural mainly local and seasonal ingredients, allowing you to recognize what you’re eating — primarily grains, vegetables, fruits and seeds. No artificial ingredients, no flavor enhancers, low in fat, and free from industrial sugars. Wether you choose our overnight oats, chia pudding, cakes or bowls…we’ve always got your health in mind.

Taste is queen

Best ingredients

Quality is at the core of everything we do. Our ingredients are wholesome, we shun white sugar, and our cakes are homemade or sourced from organic bakeries. We strive to offer you the best café experience possible because we want to work in the kind of place where we’d love to eat and drink ourselves. That said, we’re not perfect and always appreciate your feedback and suggestions. After all, Miss Green Bean is more of a journey than a destination, and you are as much part of it as we are.

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Opening hours

Mon – Fri: 7am – 5pm
Sat: 9am – 6pm
Sun: closed

Also check out our other location:
Miss Green Bean Innenstadt
Brandenburger Straße 34
14467 Potsdam